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Last Update: 19 Dec 2018
Version 8.1.2
Client CharterClient Charter

Corporate Finance Division

The Corporate Finance Division strives to deliver the best and competent service and thereby gaining the trust of its stakeholders through the adoption of the following:

1. Accounting and Finance Services

1.1 Customer Service - To provide the best and quality services to stakeholders.

1.2 Payment - Payment must be made, upon receipt of complete and undisputable invoices, based on the following:

      1.2.1 External payments – 14 working days

      1.2.2 Internal payments – 14 working days

1.3 Official Receipt
      Immediate issue of Official Receipt upon receiving cash/cheques or other financial instruments.   

1.4 Procurement
      Requisition processed within one (1) day from the date of receipt of the complete and undisputable documents.