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Last Update: 16 Dec 2018
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NCR Land DevelopmentNCR Land Development

The State intention to develop about 500,000 hectares of NCR land out of 1,000,000 hectares of targeted land developed for oil palm plantation development has progress quite smoothly.  PELITA had targeted to contribute about 150,000 hectares of NCR land developed with oil palm plantation out of 500,000 hectares targeted by the state government.

The objective of the NCR land projects is to turn the native’s idle land into productive commercial assets.  As agreed by the government, PELITA’s NCR development is implemented through joint ventures with private sectors.  The creation of land bank under the NCR land concept is an ongoing process.

Since its first involvement in NCR land development in 1996, to date PELITA has implemented 47 projects with 40 Joint Venture Companies.  All these projects are in various stage of development.  Up to date a total of 79,623 hectares have been planted, involving 13,952 registered participants.